Electric shaver men's multi-function body wash razor four-in-one rechargeable beard knife factory direct
Electric shaver men's multi-function body wash razor four-in-one rechargeable beard knife factory direct

Electric shaver men's multi-function body wash razor four-in-one rechargeable beard knife factory direct

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    1. This double-ring head electric shaver makes cleaning faster, easier and more efficient. The cutter head can be close to the face according to the contour of the face, so that you can feel more comfortable and more comfortable.
    2. The blade automatically grinds the knife net. When the razor is working, the blade and the hard alloy mesh cover are continuously ground to keep the blade sharp.
    3. This model is used for the first time. Please charge it for 8 hours. If you have not used it for half a month, be sure to charge it for 8 hours before using it. Make sure that the rechargeable battery does not lose power and keep the battery capacity. The life of the long razor.
    4. The battery of this razor (1.2V) is repeatedly charged 500 times, and the capacity remains unchanged.
    5. This razor is a high-speed silver-palladium motor with long life, low noise floor, high power and low vibration.

    Tips for using razors

          1. The cutter head should be thoroughly cleaned every four weeks. After removing the mesh frame, spray a special cleaning agent at a distance of 5 cm from the grid. Then use a small brush to remove the dregs and dirt from the cutter head.

           2, the cutter head is cleaned with a small brush, and the net membrane is cleaned with a small brush to avoid damage.

           3. After the first shaving, remove the retina frame and tap it on the plane for a few more times.

           4. Cover the IP membrane cutter cover after each use to prevent damage to the omentum.

           5, in order to ensure the high level effect of the electric knife, it is recommended that you replace the whole set of the cutter head and the knife net every two years.

      6. In order to maintain the service life of the battery inside the machine, the razor will be fully discharged in normal use every six months or so, and then recharged.

      7. Because the back of the face will be slightly expanded, it is best to shave before washing your face. It is an ideal shaving time before washing your face in the morning.

      8. When using a retina type razor, keep the shaver perpendicular to the face and hold the shaver at a right angle of 90 degrees.

      9. Because the beard is growing down, the reverse scraping can make the slag stand upright and easy to scrape, so the shaving should be reversed from the bottom to the top.

      10, when shaving, use the hand to tighten the skin, do not push the knife head vigorously, just gently slide over the Hu area to shave the slag.

    [Charging method]

    1. Always use AC 220V/50Hz to charge
    2. Turn off the switch, push the charging pin, and plug it into the power socket.
    3. When the switch is not turned off, it cannot be charged.
    4. When charging, the charging indicator lights up.
    5. The standard charging time is 8 hours.

     Never charge in areas where the rated voltage exceeds 240V, otherwise failure will occur.
      Do not charge continuously for more than 24 hours, and do not charge when the temperature is below 0 °C or above 40 °C, otherwise the battery life will be shortened.
      Never wash the body with water or use it in the bathroom, otherwise it will malfunction.
      When the body part is dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth and a neutral detergent. Do not use alcohol or petrol to wipe.
      When the product is abnormal during charging or use (such as odor, temperature, abnormal sound), immediately turn off the power and stop using it.

    Proper use and maintenance of the electric shaver not only achieves a satisfactory shaving effect, but also extends the life of the electric shaver. Pay attention to the following aspects when using.
    1. Pay attention to the polarity of the dry battery or charger when installing the power supply to prevent the motor from reversing, thus damaging the fixed blade and the moving blade.
    2. When shaving, the fixed blade should be pushed slowly against the face, and moved in the direction of the growth of the beard, so that the beard can smoothly enter the mesh. If you move along the beard, it will overwhelm the beard, which is not conducive to the beard entering the mesh.
    3, electric shaver should not shave long beard, so it is better to shave every 4 days or so. If the beard is very long, cut the beard with a clipper or a small pair of scissors and shave it with an electric shaver. If there is no hair clipper or small scissors, you should use multiple shaving methods. First, the fixed blade (mesh cover) and the beard are perpendicular to the skin, shaving the beard, and then press 2.
    4. When using an electric shaver with a clipper, the blade of the clipper should be moved at a vertical angle to the face to shave the beard.
    5. Once the phenomenon of stop rolling occurs during shaving, turn off the power and restart, and continue to shave after the motor rotates normally.
    6, the fixed blade of the electric shaver is very thin, can not be forced to deform or damage.
    7. Dry battery type electric shaver should be taken out after use or long-term use, so as to avoid the battery being exposed to moisture and leakage, causing unnecessary corrosion damage. For AC electric shavers, turn off the power and pull out the plug after use to ensure safety. The rechargeable electric shaver cannot discharge the power too much. If there is a shortage of batteries, it should be charged before use. If it is not used for a long time, it should be charged regularly (about three months).
    8. Regularly add a small amount of lubricant to the bearing to reduce wear. Non-wet electric shaver, not washable with volatile chemicals such as water or alcohol. If the blade is not made of stainless steel, if it is not used for a long time, apply a thin layer of oil on the blade to prevent rust and damage the blade.
    9. After each use of the razor, use a small brush to sweep off the dirt and other dirt, and do not allow the dirt to pile up, otherwise the motor will be stuck or the transmission will be blocked. At the same time, the shavings and greasy skin will affect the sharpness of the blade once it is cured on the blade.