Double ends acne tweezer light gray M3025
Double ends acne tweezer light gray M3025

Double ends acne tweezer light gray M3025

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  • Package Description : Double ends Acne tweezer*1 PC cm

Correct use of acne needles

Acne needles, also known as acne needles, are pointed at one end and circle at the other. In the beauty industry, acne needles are an indispensable tool.


1. Before use, the acne needle must be immersed and disinfected with 75% alcohol used by the hospital. If there is no alcohol, it can also be boiled in boiling water.

2. Take a hot towel and apply it to your face, especially on the areas with acne and pimples, you should apply it for a while, so that the pores can be fully expanded, and it is easier to squeeze and it will not be too painful.

3. When using, first use one end of a pointed needle to gently puncture acne and pimples, so as to puncture part of the subcutaneous fibrous tissue.

4. Put the end with a small circle on the opening of the pimple that has just been pricked, press down gently, and then move slowly to squeeze out the oil and pus in the pimple.

5. After squeezing, you can use toner to clean the acne wound just now, and then apply hot water or firming lotion. It is OK, and the acne needle should also be cleaned and disinfected again.

6. Sometimes, after we squeeze the acne, there may be black marks on the face. Choose some essential oils that can remove the black marks, such as tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil, etc., and apply it on the acne marks.